What safety measures do you take for COVID-19? 

Our movers wear masks, use hand sanitizer before-after every move, and practice social  distancing. Please note that due to the physical nature of this work, movers will need frequent  small breaks when wearing a mask.  

Will the cost in the estimate be the final cost? 

Our estimate is based on the information you provide in the Moving List and/or during the in person estimate. Any changes to the amount of goods we move may impact your final cost. 

Do I have to pay a fuel surcharge? 

For moves within a radius of 160 km of Huntsville (our base location), there is no fuel surcharge.  For moves outside that radius, the surcharge is 99 cents per km for each km outside the radius  (only calculated one way -- not there and back). The exact fuel surcharge, if applicable, will be  indicated on your cost estimate.  

What happens if something gets damaged during the move? 

Please notify us immediately if something appears to have been damaged by our movers. The  owner of Muskoka Hawk will schedule a visit to inspect the item personally, and will arrange for  professional repair, replacement or compensation at our cost for minor damages. Major  damages are fully insured. 

Do you provide storage? 

We do not provide storage at this time, however we can recommend some local options.  

Do you provide packing services? 

Although it's not our core business, we can provide experienced workers to help you pack.  Please discuss your needs with us.  

Do you do out-of-province moves? 

We do not do moves outside of Ontario.  

Do you remove garbage? 

Yes, we can dispose of garbage or scrap items, at the same hourly rate plus dump fee. 

What happens if our key disbursal / home access is delayed? 

Our movers can remain on standby if there are minor delays, however wait charges will apply  for delays longer than 1 hour, at the applicable hourly rate. 

Do you work on weekends and holidays? 

We are available Monday to Saturday. We do not book moves on Sundays and statutory  holidays.

What happens if all my stuff doesn't fit in the truck? 

Our movers will notify head office if it looks like your items will not fit in the vehicle as planned.  Every circumstance is different, therefore a Muskoka Hawk representative will contact you directly  to discuss options.  

Can I leave clothes on hangers and in drawers? 

Clothes and other items cannot be left in dresser drawers -- they must be packed in boxes, bins,  bags, etc. Clothes can be kept on hangers but need to be packed in wardrobe boxes (we can  provide them, at extra charge). One wardrobe box fits 10 - 12 hanger items. 

Will movers use floor protection? 

Yes, our movers will bring protective floor runners and/or indoor shoes.  

What happens if the movers show up and I'm not ready yet? 

It is very important that your items be fully packed (no small loose items) and ready to load at the  specified time, otherwise our movers reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule your move. 

Is it OK to tip the movers? 

Tips are accepted and always greatly appreciated. Any tips received are shared equally among  the movers on that job.  

Are there household items that you do not move? 

Muskoka Hawk is unable to move the following items, either for insurance reasons (hazard risk)  or because we are unable to guarantee proper protection of the item: 

Propane tanks, fuel tanks and jerry cans (must be empty) 

Paint cans, spray paint 


Firearms, ammunition 

Hazardous materials (e.g., solvents, pesticides, motor oils)  

Pets or livestock of any kind (including fish) 

Motorized equipment with fuel inside the tank (must be empty) 

If in doubt, call us -- we'll be happy to discuss your needs  and help you navigate specific challenges 

(705) 571-4292